Rapala Bx Waking Minnow - Top Lures 2015

Rapala Bx Waking Minnow 


Rapala unveils the new BX Waking Minnow, a surface-waking bait that combines the buoyancy of balsa wood with the durability of a copolymer shell. The artful finishes, dynamic flashing and rolling action make it a valuable search bait. The BX (Balsa ­Extreme) Waking Minnow ­features lifelike 3-D eyes, scales and gills detail, internal holographic foil and three No. 5 VMC Black Nickel Round-bend treble hooks. Weighing ¾-ounce at 5¼ inches long, it retains the Rapala common prey baitfish profile. It’s available in six color patterns: Blue Back Herring, Firetiger, Gold Shiner, Shadow, Smelt and Yellow Perch - $10.99