Eagle claw l2004el circle sea hooks

Eagle Claw L2004EL


Reintroduced in its original shape, design and point configuration to the Lazer Sharp line, the forged-point L2004EL circle hook carries a reputation as a premier design for billfish. Boasting a 95 percent lip-hookup rate, the light wire construction improves presentation of natural baits, yet it retains exceptional strength throughout the fight. Lazer Sharp worm hooks received an upgraded sharper needle-point design. After the transition to needle point and considerable real-world results, it was clear that the forged-point design was overdue for reintroduction.
The L2004EL is available in sizes 7/0, 8/0, 9/0 and 10/0 in packs of five and boxes of 50. $4.95 to $25.70  9.