How To Make a Single Hook Stiff Rig

A simple and effective hook rig for billfish and tuna. 

 Start by sliding the lure on to the end of your monofilament leader material.

Now take two of your crimping sleeves and slide them onto the leader behind the lure.

Slide a piece of chafe tubing behind the sleeves. The chafe tubing will protect the line where it passes through the eye of the hook.

Put the line through the eye of your hook (we're using a 9/0 Owner JOBU on this lure) and then feed the line into the crimping sleeve. Slide the sleeve down in the direction of the hook in order to bend the chafe tubing. Depending on the size of your lure make sure to leave a tag end of leader line about as long as your lure so you'll have some extra material to work with.

Take the next sleeve and slide it over the tag end of leader line.

Now that the line is doubled you should slide your lure down to check the position of the hook on your lure. Be careful not to cut off too much as you want to try and run the hook very close to the end off the skirts. It's best to start out with the double line a little long, and then trim it down until you find the proper length for the skirts you are using.

Crimp the sleeve closest to the hook. Always crimp this sleeve first, as it will hold everything tight while you complete the stiff rig.

This is the most important step in making a stiff rig. Twist the two lines together evenly so they wrap around each other as shown. Making even twists stiffens the section and makes it so lay straight under the skirts. Twist the two pieces together with your hands before using your crimper to lightly hold the last sleeve while you further tighten the twists with your right hand.

Before crimping the sleeve that will hold the twist in place make sure to check that the tag end of line doesn't stick out of the sleeve where it will butt up against the back of the lure. Hold the hook in one hand and give the hook an extra twist to while keeping everything in line while you crimp the sleeve.

Your crimp should lay nicely up against the back of the lure head. If using rubber stoppers on the back of the lure head be sure to take the time to get the length of the rigging correct before twisting and crimping.

The Last step is to add a small piece of shrink tube or wrap electrical tape to the connection at the eye of the hook. This will keep the hook from flopping around and further stiffen the connection.

The stiff rig is designed to hold the hook near the end of the skirts while adding strength and durability as a result of the doubled line. This is a simple way to make a single hook rig in a short time with minimal tackle.

Only 3 crimps, a piece of chafe tubing and a piece of shrink tubing are needed to complete this rig. The single hook stiff rig is deadly on billfish and tuna.

texte and image by http://www.fishtrack.com